Since a lot of people have similar questions about my presets, and not everyone sees when I answer them in my stories, I’ve decided to put together a post here. As many of you know I was a family portrait photographer for over a decade. During that time I spent many, MANY hours at my computer editing each image by hand in photoshop, and over time I developed a consistent “look” to my photos. 

Over the past few years I received an increasing number of requests for a mobile preset version of my editing, so I partnered with my friend Nicole, an iPhone photography and Lightroom expert, to create mobile presets that mimic my photoshop editing as closely as possible. Scroll down for frequently asked questions!

What is a preset? A preset is a group of settings in the Lightroom app designed to achieve a particular look to a photo with a single click. You do not need any photography or editing experience to use a preset. 

Are presets a single purchase or a subscription? They are single purchase and yours forever. If you get a new phone you simply download the Lightroom app and install them again.

Are they easy to install and use? Presets come with a step by step install guide, and support is available if needed. Once installed they are so easy to use… tap to open photo and tap again to apply a preset!

How many presets are included in your preset pack? 12 presets in total (4 presets + 8 variations)

How will I know which preset to use? When you click on a photo from your camera roll you can quickly tap through each preset to see the effect of each one on your photo. Choose which version you like best, and tap to add the now edited photo to your camera roll. Voila!

Do they really edit in one click, or do you need to do anything else? Most of the time one of the 12 presets will be all your photo needs with one click. Should you wish to make additional adjustments it’s very easy to do with the slider buttons in the Lightroom app.

Can your presets be used on desktop as well? Yes! While they were created with mobile users in mind, they can absolutely be used on desktop. The Lightroom app is free for mobile users while on desktop you will need a subscription to Adobe creative cloud.

You may use code PATTI for 20% off. Click here to purchase! If you already own my custom presets you may use code PATTI for 20% off any preset pack on the website. The Best Sellers bundles comes with a complete iPhone editing course. Happy editing!